woensdag 21 mei 2014

Subculture series: BubbleGoth

In today's subculture series I wanted to talk about a very recent style added to the family: Bubble goth!

Where do they come from?
Bubble Goth is a newer type of Goth created by the Estonian pop singer, Kerli Koiv. She aims to "make the beautiful, creepy and the creepy, beautiful", something that "takes light and dark and puts them together".

What do they listen to?
Kerli created this type since she was labeled as Goth when she published her "Love is Dead" album, Walking on Air being a particularly popular song to pin her to the subculture with. A critic described her as "bubblegum Goth", since her music is pop with hints of techno and rock, and she took to the label by creating Bubble Goth. Her followers are called Moon Children, and wear three dots on their forehead to represent Kerli's motive: Integrity, Love and Unity. (I.L.U) The music of this type are things like Kerli's work; pop or techno music with a more morbid, edgy or dark feel.

What do they look like?
The style can hold elements from some Cyber Goth tendencies, her bear in the picture always wearing a gas mask and her own attire carrying bullet belts, masks, and headphones, and it can also have corsets, platform boots (that she often makes herself), and dresses. Most of these items are typically in lighter colors, like pastel pinks, blues, and white. She also uses black, but she's known to have many colored highlights in her hair and clothes. There are absolutely no restrictions with this type, though it's more generated towards those who like the lighter colors that aren't completely neon like the Cyber Goths. Makeup is also bright in color, usually using silver, white, black and rhinestones, but also has more smokey, romantic elements and can have brighter colors.

Other things you should be aware of...

Bubble goth is ofthen confused with Pastel Goth or Cyber Goth. We know it can be confusing...

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