dinsdag 13 mei 2014

eyeball hair accessories (EN)

In this blogpost I want to talk about eyes, and more specifically eyeball hair bows. I love these hair accessories, but I am not able to find them for a reasonable price, so I decided to make them myself!

What you will need:
- fimo clay (white)
- an oven (to bake the clay)
- paint (acrylic) in white, black, and the colors you want the eyes to have
- varnish
- fabric (at least 15cm high to 30cm long, onless you want small bows)
- glue (fabricglue or contactglue, that can be used for fabrics)
- a hairclip or pin
- studs, chains, paint,...

First you will make the eyeballs out of the clay, once this clay is baked, it's really hard and you won't be able to break it, so ideal for hair accessories. Make a sort of half ball, that looks like and eye. I made six regular eyes, and two out of glow in the dark clay, for a cool effect. Once you finishe sculpting these, bake them as mentioned on the package of the clay.

Once these are baked and colled down, you can start painting them. I coated all the normal clay eyes with a layer of white paint to make them nice and smooth looking. DOn't do this on the glow in the dark clay, or you will lose it's glow.

Now you can paint the pupils, take some paint and make a round in the center of the eyeball. If the paint isn't opaque enough, make sure to do some coats of it.

And then the details, start by making a black dot in the center of the eye. Then line the eye with black paint and made small lines to the center, this will give a more realistic effect. Also add a white dot for the reflection of the eye. You can also add veins, for a more creepy looking effect. Don't forget to vernish these! (except the glow in the dark ones)

This is how the glow in the dark ones look when the lights are off.

now that you finished your eyes, it's time to make a bow. I used the folliwinf tutorial to do so, but there are plenty of others out there if you want to sew instead of glue them : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=whGEuzWk8O4

I just do one thing differently, I attach the clip with the middle part of the bow, so it's nice and recure, and I'm sure it won't come of anymore.

Then you can glue the eyeball onto to bow, glue this down with contact glue, and press to make sure it stays in place. Let this dry for at least 20min before putting in your hair.

Now that you have finished the bow, you can decorate it even more, using studs, chains, painting something on the bow,... I used some piramid studs in the corners of this bow, for an extra edgy look.

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