vrijdag 2 mei 2014

Alternative accesoiries on ebay (EN)

When you go to a party or visit festivals, you see people loaded with beautifull jewelry and accesoiries.  Since I am a student, I try to find ways not to pay 20€ for skeleton hand hairpins etc. So here is what I found on Ebay for way cheap and what I actually use for my outfits!

First of all, when searching on Ebay, set the search on worldwide, and lowest price first. If you don't like bidding, put the 'buy now' option on. Use simple keywords: if you want gothic hairpins with skeleton hands, best is to type 'skeleton hand hairclip'. Also, always look at the shipping costs, free shipping is awesome, but look at the time it will take to get to you... If you want something really fast, and are willing to pay a little more, look in your region only.

Note: If you order from China, Hongkong, Japan,... you will have to wait about a month for the items to get to you. I think the price differences make it worth it, but you should keep it in mind.

So, here are some examples of really awesome jewelry that costs about 1€!

The all famous skeleton hands! On Ebay you can find these at 1.34€/two pieces (left and right hand). The ones from Kreepsville are 19 dollar (about 17€). Say what? I ordered the plain white ones, and they are great quality!

Crosses are inevitable in the Goth scene, and I like to wear cross bracelets a lot. This one is only 1.24€ on ebay but when you go at Forever 21 or H&M you will pay more than 5€ for the same thing...

Tassle earrings are really long and elegant! They have crosses at the ends that really make a statement with you hair up, or with a hairstyle that uncovers one ear. These are 1.10€ on Ebay, 4.3€ in Forver 21.

These are one of the most seen and wanted kinds of earrings. They cuff around your ear, so you don't even need holes to wear them. I Found these at 1.01€ on Ebay, I have seen these getting sold for as much as 10€ in stores.

Want to give an extra touch to your regular pony tail? Hairties with a skull on it (or hands, or spikes,...) are easilly found on ebay. These ones are 1€ in the auction I found, and you can pick the colour you want. At Forever 21 these were sold for about 5€.

Not convinced by crosses and skulls? Octopus rings really make a statement! At the Claire's these are sold for 7€. On Ebay 1.01€...

Bone hairclips? Kreepsville sells these at more than 6€ a piece. On Ebay I found these at about 1.66€/piece. I like Kreepsville, but the prices are not affordable for students.

Still not convinced? Try these earrings. Alchemy Gothic sells these about same dragons for 18€. On ebay 1.66€ is enough to get them.

The links to the items listest above:

Skeleton hands

Cross bracelet

Tassle earrings:

Tassle earrings (2):


Octopus ring:

Bone hairclips:


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