woensdag 19 maart 2014

Vocaloid butterfly headphones Tutorial

I love headphones, and whil searching for new ones, I found these beautifull butterfly designs.

What I now know is that they are from Vocaloid, and that I can easily make them myself! In this tutorial I will teach you how to make them as well.

- headset (I used an old one for this tutorial, but you can find them for cheap at dollar stores or on Ebay)
- pen and paper or printer
- exacto knife or cutter knife
- craftfoam
- glue gun and glue sticks
- paint
- pencils

Find your design: check on google immages for butterfly wings, or wing designs, take one you really like. You can also use the Vocaloid design, but unless you are cosplaying them, making your own pattern is more unique.

Once you have your design, trace it over on paper or print it out, make sure to adapt the size of the wing to the size of the headphone you are working with.

Now cut the general shape of the wing out with your cutter or exacto knife. Trace it on the color you want the inside of the wing to be (for mine it's red). Or you can use wathever color you like and paint it afterwards.

Once you have the two wings, it's time to cut out the shapes and trace the lines on your second color (for me, green). Same here, if you don't have the color, use something else, and paint afterwards.

Now we can assemble the two pieces. If you want them to be extra sturdy, I suggest adding some metal wire trough the wings while putting the black on the red with my glue gun.

Since the headphones I am using, already have the round shape and the metal look detail, I don't have to make these, but I just paint over it. If you have to make them, draw out the shape on leftover foam, and glue it together.

Be sure to use enough glue to attach the wings to the headphones, and if needed reenforce with wire or extra foam pieces.

I painted over the big grey part to make it look more uniform.

Good luck!

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